Frequently Asked Questions

What is Night to Shine at St. Croix Lutheran Academy?

Sponsored by the Tim Tebow Foundation, Night to Shine is an unforgettable prom night experience, centered on God’s love, for people with special needs, ages 14 and older. Night to Shine started in 2015 with 44 locations across the world. St. Croix Lutheran Academy began serving as a Night to Shine host in 2017.  In 2020, this worldwide movement took place simultaneously at more than 720 locations in 50 states across the nation and 34 countries around the world…and the numbers continue to grow! 

Due to COVID-19, Night to Shine 2022 will be broken into two parts - a SHINE THRU PARADE and VIRTUAL EVENT. the SHINE THRU PARADE is new to us this year! The Tim Tebow Foundation offered a VIRTUAL EVENT in 2021 and the honored guests loved it! We saw stars such as Carrie Underwood, Charles Barkley, Chip & Joanna Gaines, Alex Rodriguez, Bethany Hamilton and more! While we are disappointed to miss spending the evening with you in person at St. Croix Lutheran Academy, we look forward to seeing your faces at the SHINE THRU PARADE where we can celebrate YOU! In addition to the Shine Thru Parade, we think each guest will love the virtual format as they get to connect with Tim Tebow and other special guests! We see how the guests light up when they hear from Tim Tebow each year, and this year the guests will be able to connect with Tim Tebow at the VIRTUAL EVENT! 


Even though it is a VIRTUAL EVENT, every guest of Night to Shine will experience many of the favorite features of the live event - music, dancing,  special guests, and the highlight of the night will come when every one of the Night to Shine guests is crowned as a king or queen of the prom virtually. 

When is Night to Shine?

The Night to Shine SHINE THRU PARADE and VIRTUAL EVENT will take place on February 11, 2022.  The SHINE THRU PARADE will be open from 4-7 pm.  The VIRTUAL EVENT will be released @ 6 pm, but you may watch it whenever it works for you!  

Where is the Night to Shine SHINE THRU PARADE?

The SHINE THRU PARADE will be held at an airplane hangar at the St. Paul Airport. It will be easy to access. This location will keep us out of the worst of the Minnesota winter elements as we celebrate. Once your registration is received, you will be provided with additional details. 

Why do I need to register?

Great question! 

Two reasons - 

1. We want to celebrate you at the SHINE THRU PARADE! As part of being registered, each honored guest will receive a Gift Experience package to help you celebrate the big day!

1. The Tim Tebow Foundation is counting on us to connect with YOU! Once you are registered, you will receive the necessary information via email to access the special VIRTUAL EVENT. Without registration, Tim Tebow won't be able to find you!

What is the registration deadline?

The registration deadline is Friday, January 28, 2022.

How do I access the Night to Shine VIRTUAL EVENT?

Once you are registered, watch your email carefully! The email will come from Lorna Kapanke (  As the Tim Tebow Foundation shares information with us, we will share information with YOU via email.


Is there a cost to attend virtually?

No. The Tim Tebow Foundation and community donors are generously sponsoring the event.  


What is the age group for Night to Shine guests?

Our guests should be 14 years or older by February 11, 2022.


How do I register to be an honored guest?

To register, simply go to the registration tab above and complete the online form.  Because registration is limited, we encourage you to register in a timely manner.  The registration deadline is February 7th, but we anticipate being at capacity prior to that.   

I have a friend who may be interested in the virtual event.  Whom should they contact?

They may either contact the Night to Shine staff at St. Croix Lutheran through the Contact page with questions or you can encourage your friend to complete the electronic registration form on this website. 


Still have questions?